Velvet Revolver & Silvertide Concert

Typically, opening bands suck. You've never heard of them, you don't know any of their songs, etc. So when SILVERTIDE took the stage last night I was skeptical. Right away the lead guitar came out and went crazy. A few songs in and I was hooked. They are kind of a throwback band (Late 80's, not hair band but PURE rock and roll), a type of music that I have come to enjoy very much.

After the show I met the lead singer, Walt. He was a really cool and personable guy. Really humble and thankful that I enjoyed the show. He signed a WRIF poster logo thingy for me... Definately looking forward to picking up their debut album "Show & Tell" on June 8th.

Then VELVET REVOLVER took the stage. One word:

In case you don't know - Velvet Revolver is made up of the ex members of Guns n Roses and former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland.

"Detroit Rock City motherfucker!" - Scott Weiland

Scott Weiland was electric. He has always been one of my favorite lead singers (STP) but he just pushed his way to the top of my list.

The band was no slouch either. You would think that the ex-GNR guys would have lost a step. This wasn't the case at all - which was proved when they covered a few STP songs ("Crackerman" and "Sex Type Thing")

They were just on FIRE. They played a bunch of songs off of their new album, ("Contraband" - also dropping June 8th.) Where I only knew the one song "Slither".

VR also played a few GNR songs, but the most amazing *Cover* was "Negative Creep" by Nirvana.

I can't wait for their cd. It was the best concert I have ever been to.

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