Go Boston Rob!

Well tonight is the survivor finale. It's down to the Robfather, Ambuh, Jenna and Rupert. Go Rob! Honestly he deserves to win, as he has outplayed and outlasted everyone.

What sucks is that the jury members hate him. Just like Nyko said they are hating the player, not the game. Hypocrites. The game isn't about making friends and being "fair" - it's about WINNING. Everything is all fine and dandy until you HAVE to stab someone in the back. It's the point of the game.

If Rob gets into the final two I hope it's with Ambuh. That way at least they would be a couple (unless she wins and dumps his ass) and he could see part of the million dollars. If it comes down to the two of them then the JURY is screwed by having to pick the lesser of two evils.

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