Out of sight, but not out of mind.

Well, Paul beat me to it... I took my mother out to see VAN HELSING. Honestly? Walking out, I was thinking - It's not really that bad, but not really good either. It left me with a neutral feeling. Having time to think about it since and make a decision... I have come up with the following conclusion:

THE GOOD: Kate Beckinsdale is HOT...
THE BAD: Everything else... This movie sucks. I would say RENTER but go see it at the dollar show because it's cheaper. Or NETFLIX it and watch a TON of movies that month to drive the overall cost down. The jury is still out on whether it was worse than LXG or not. My movie tax has been paid this year. :)

After last night and a long day at work today... I don't think I am capable of doing anymore than lounging around and watching THE SOPRANOS. I just finished the first season, about to pop in the first disc of the second. Netflix is great.

Tomorrow I have a tour of Specs Howard tomorrow at 5pm. Definately looking forward to it.

Why do I find myself hesitating to write what I really want to say?

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