[x]Perpetual Muses.
when there's nothing left to burn
lonliness is my only cruel mistress
in this void, this vaccuum
all of her predecessors come to call
and fight amongst themselves for prominence
this is where i come to worship
these perpetual muses
that i pray to and keep at an arm's length
and who answer in whispers and insights
i miss every single one of them for better or for worse
why wouldn't i?
they all leave holes in my soul one way or another
with the pieces i have freely gave to some
or the pieces that they cut out of me by others
these blank spots are filled with the parts of them
or left with wounds just the same
and here i am older and i would like to think somewhat the wiser
finally accepting that this is my DNA
this is who i am
i know was blessed or cursed with a heart that has a photographic memory
because i can still feel all of them on my fingertips
and probably always will
all it takes is a song or note or thought to set it off
to put me right back in that moment
my life's lesson is a simple one
i've spent so much time in the grey area
that I can now see the finer points of black and white within

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