[x]default setting.

nothing ever seems worth it
unless it's a lost cause
and there you were, screaming the odds
yet i lost myself in the risk versus reward
this is my default setting...
over and over
i cast myself off a cliff again
leaping, i go all in again
now i've drowned so much
that i've forgotten how to breathe
here it is, coming together
realization setting in
to the dillution of faith
the mar of realization
that i've given the best of myself
to the worst of people
only to be left with less than nothing
these are the debts i bear
burning aimless and numb
countered and compounded by blind hope
this is my vagabond soul
that implores you
please, please, some other girl
any girl, i dare you
save me from the loathing that swims within
prove to me that i am wrong
come break my heart
so she can no longer have that claim over me

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