pauper rich in only one aspect
the wealth of me
doesn't mean anything to you
my currency
is not something you accept or value
you never spoke my language
and yours only dulled my own
49/51 is not a concept you can comprehend anyway
yet it seems to make sense to everyone else
so this is my shimmy and shake
this isn't ill will
this is just forced indifference
so i'll be the bad guy
if that gives me a chance to breathe
you can pout while i take a break
from laying with monsters
and staring into the abyss of them
until the stare back and look like me
spare me the corruption of acceptance
the subtraction by addition
are you keeping up with me yet?
we swap this blue horizon
so you can finally discover
that i know your real name
and that my blood will not relent
you'll see
in calling my bluff
that i've been playing your hand all along

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