[x]Year in review 2008.

Relevant - "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve

Well I've never prayed, but tonight I'm on my knees yeah...

"Plan B in the Land of Misfit Toys"

I am starting this on Monday, because i think that I have more to say than time will allow. This entry is one of the more popular ones I would presume. I wouldn't want to disappoint you. I am working on Wednesday (New Year's Eve) and then heading to Disney with Noel afterward, so I need to get this done ahead of time.

This year was a transitional one, because I completely changed my life around…

PART I - The past

There was a lot of closure this year. I finally closed the door on every single female issue that I had up in Michigan. I have been freed of every ghost that I have ever let haunt me, even Sarah. Yes, I do know is that it was a long time coming, what I don't is why. I guess she was the bar that I had unfairly set everyone else against.

I feel the need to address the last two women in my life, sort of a post-game. Neither warrant dedication in the future, although they may be mentioned in passing.

Jessica - We haven't spoken in months. However I wouldn't put it past you to be reading this out of morbid curiosity. If there was any thought that I wanted to leave with you - remember how it was this time last year, and the plans that we had. You and I were in love and we had the plan. We were both extremely happy in our relationship. My family adored you and took you in quickly.

When you end a relationship, it’s polite to say that you always say that you want someone to be happy. In a karma/positive energy sort of way, I really do. That comes with the caveat of working both ways as she truly wounded me. I truly hope you find someone to make you happy BUT - I want you to remember what you gave up and why. I’ll leave it at that.

If you love something let it go..... The old adage says. I let you go, and you never came back. It wasn't meant to be.

One more thing – Thanks for everything.

Margarita – It’s been a year since we last spoke. I have reached out to you several times, to no avail. I have either caused too much damage to move on, or our friendship wasn’t worth fixing. Maybe both, because I know there isn’t anything further that I could say that you don’t already know.

One more thing – I’ll always remember, and you will too.

Part II - The present

I cannot believe I have been in Florida a year. It doesn't feel like it, to be honest. Every time I become aware of my surroundings, it still feels new to me. I have always been such a homebody, and only once lived outside of a 1 hour radius for two weeks in Ohio.

I have kept myself too busy and focused to let homesickness set in.

So, am I better off this year than last? In short - yes. I do miss the money I made at TAG but I do not miss the stress level and sheer exhaustion of it. I took a huge pay cut when I moved down here, but I do not wake up every day so exhausted. Honestly it wasn’t worth it.

It’s been a rough year, financially. My bills have all been paid, and I have a little left over to survive.

Part III - The future

I have a year behind me at EBG, and I like to think I have risen fairly quickly. I am eager to see how the next month or so plays out, to really cement my direction with the company. Hopefully soon I will earn a raise, which will give me a little more money to play around with and make progress. I didn’t move down here to be poor.

I like the company as much as I will let myself, and have made quite a few friends out of my co-workers. Complete contrast from the majority of the people I used to work with at TAG.

Hopefully our roommate crisis will be fixed soon. We had the fourth person on the lease up and leave us out to dry starting this month, and we are locked in until March.

How did I do on last year's resolutions?

1.Make it work – I did the best I could with what I had down here. Can't complain too much.
2.Shed some vices/Be healthier – I gave up World of Warcraft for the better part of the year after cashing out. However, I am back in the fold now with the expansion (Just for the content, I swear). I wish I would have eaten better, but I didn't.
3.Let myself be happy and loved – Well, Jessica and I didn't quite work out, however I believe I was transformed by the experience. I found out many things about myself over the last year.
4.Put the dark side to use – It's amazing what putting the dead to rest with do for you.
5.Let the wit win – I have won over a good amount of people down here with my wit.
6.Write more – I wrote a ton this year, and have a few projects brewing.

January – Move to Florida, Start at EBG. Mike introduces me to BSG.
February - Banking issues, Electrolytes are what the matrix craves.
March – Creative streak, new Counting Crows.
April – Deadpixel.org becomes Johnnybronto.com, Jessica and I break up, words ensue. The family comes to visit.
May – I turn my Fusion (Damien) in, Fly home to get my Focus (Lucid), Jessica and I give it another shot. Epic fail. She wants revenge (It's a double!) and then I want and get revenge too.
June – Caffeine withdrawal and rampant insomnia.
July – I cash out of WOW. The dark knight is awesome.
August – The art of love goes private.
September – The pirates cruise, we give it one more shot. Epic fail again.
October – EBG plague victim, sick the whole month. The crow said don't look, and I do.
November – I throw a party for the masses and feed them grilled cheese. Thanksgiving at the castle.
December – I fly home for a quick jaunt with the fam and friends. My fantasy football team - The Detroit Expansion Team (AKA Detroit Pretty Princess) wins the EBG championship. Joe has written an awesome book based on my old D&D character. Full of Win! EBG promotion to special events.

I will keep a better record next year, I swear.

New Year's Resolutions 2009

1.Write more - Hopefully I will get my first screenplay “Reps” (based upon my experiences of the past year) done sometime soon. I have my visual epic “Syren” in the works as well my first book of poetry “A Wound Before Armor”.
2.Lose some weight/be healthier – Going from working construction to a corporate office, I packed on a few pounds (Okay a little more than a few). I turned 30 and I have to get on top of my health because the warranty is over. I would really like to lose 40+ pounds, or more through exercise and better eating. I am giving up soda (pop) too and drinking water. I really want to slim down.
3.Do more with the website – I think I am going to approach my page this year as more of a multimedia and photo journal. With things like youtube and flikr, there is no reason why I cannot share what I am up to and what I am listening to.
4.Start the podcast – Mike and I want to start a show for movie reviews and discussion. We spent a good part of year brainstorming for it, and now we need to get it going.
5.Try to play WoW sparingly. I have been a bit burned out on MMO's this year, and I tried Age of Conan and Warhammer Online. Both were fun in the beginning just because they were different, but ran out of gas quickly. I am playing WoW again for the new stuff, but I doubt I will ever be as hardcore as I used to be about any game.
6.Get more out of EBG – I really busted my ass to make a name for myself in the company, and hopefully this year it will start to pay off.

So, that is pretty much it. Here we go 2009.


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