[x]our naked hearts.

we spend our lives
trying to clothe
trying to cover up and protect
our naked hearts

our faith hemorrages
we are wounded
you didn't just quit on me
you quit on us

what faith can i have
when i gave you all i could
when i sacrificed everything and more
when it still isn't enough?

and i was the fool
to think i could barter
my soul for another
forced upon the offensive
tell me where it hurts
so i can press on the wound

the cry is louder than ever
although i saddens me
to know the echo
will be lost in the distance

i can't face the day
unless i dress myself in the mar of tragedy
because that betrayal
has become what i am

i wish i could give you all of me
but i cannot
i can give you what they let me keep
for myself
and i'm sorry.

this was the mistake i knew i was making
even as i was saying those words
i know you could see right through them all
which made it even worse

better to leave a graveyard behind you
then be buried in someone else's
when they leave
you behind

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