What a difference a day makes...

Electrolytes are what the Matrix craves...
So I have been running this site through blogger for over 7 years now.  Just last night did I figure out that I can actually blog from email.  Since I sit at a desk all day I think I can actually keep up on my journal more.
So, excuse the mess for formatting. 
Anyway, update from my last entry:
1.  They waived my overdraft fees for National City and Jessica was nice enough to make a deposit for me.
2.  The bank finally gave me my $200 dollars back.
3.  Jamie and Tom are coming to Disney and bringing the kids!
4.  My 2v2 arena partner (dr00d) and I went our seperate ways, and now I have a Disc. Priest who will get us back to 1850 (one way or another).  When the game because stressful it isn't a game anymore.
The money thing was frustrating, but I am trying to feel content for the things I am blessed with, as opposed to the things that I do not have.  I am much happier down here, and I don't even mind going to work so much.  It's the exact opposite of my old job.
I can't wait to see everyone this month.
Jessica will be here in about 50 hours.  :)

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