[x]what's the word for it... oh yeah.

You know, it took a few days to really nail down how I feel about the phone call from Jessica the other night.

The only word that comes to mind is - Amused.

I guess I'm not completely lost then.

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  1. Anonymous1:36 AM

    in all my life I have never felt read how I have heard someone so fully. you capture the cruelness of me in words of my actions hurt you. I am sorry John.

    It doesnt feel like enough. I want to heal the wound. I was lost in my own mind and thoughts and emotions. The baggaged I was carring when we met was from 4years in the past.

    I cry when I read the words you have types. I never new that you carried so much for me . the irony is that my feelings are now at the level you felt then. I cant stop John. I am a Taurus I am stubborn now that I like you I wont allow my feelings to stop growing . I want the happiness of being with you regardless of you leaving. I like you and i want to be your girl. I am not a syren. I was scared and confused. I knew I couldnt give you what you wanted and we talked about the reason why things went wrong. I took you for granted John. I made a huge mistake to stop talking with you after the last blow out MT thing.
    Forgive me and give me a chance.

    I couldnt rush the feelings I have for you now back then. I was not the same person. I am better now John. I know you still like me and are attracted to me. I like you John.