all of this
set into emotion
asking for my blessing
is like getting permission to break my heart
because you know that veil
might as well be a shroud

damned either way
the happiness I want for you
even if it isn't me
i swear i'll try to say
everything you want to hear
even if it makes me ill to lie

the monster soliciting
knocks on the door
i'll sit here like a scolded child
afraid to move
how am i ever going to burn out
if i never shine?

the saving grace
oh sweet distraction
becaust it hurts to think
to eventually realize
that i'm completely destroyed

this war of attrition
because we both know
hurting me hurts you and vice versa
so where does that leave us?
do i even try to fake it?
do i find another lose cause?

can i look you in the eyes anymore?
can you even look in mine?
widespread panic within me
when i feel like you're gone
when you haven't even left yet

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