[x](SIGH)lent Hill.

I had been looking forward to this movie for a few months...

Why can't we push the envelope in american horror? Where is the uncompromising vision that scares the hell out of you?

Argh. There was so much of this movie that was really amazing. The visuals were insane. I know that

What pisses me off is halfway through the movie they introduce a bunch of crappy secondary character to tie in with the lame backstory... And it takes you out of everything you spent the previous hour buying in to.

They always do this. Everytime they adapt anyting they screw it up. The stupid kid sidekick in THE CROW. Nancy (jessica alba) not gettind naked in SIN CITY *I mean FFS she is supposed to be the hottest stripper in the world and gets naked all over the place in the comic*.

I hate kid sidekicks. I hate crappy secondary characters. I hate when they use some candyass stupid backstory to tell us what we already know (or don't need to know) - can we please stop assuming the audience are idiots?

Too much compromise destroyed this movie. Almost, Christopher Gans (director - also directed BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF which I loved) - you almost had it. What could have saved this would be a re-edit. 2 hours could have been a tighter hour and a half.

Sigh - well there is always J-horror. THE RING is still my favorite horror movie. I mean HORROR. I want to be kept up at night scared, not scratching my head why they screwed up another perfectly good concept.


  1. Anonymous12:29 AM

    Nothing tops the cult horror of The Stuff

  2. Anonymous1:39 AM

    The problem is that audiences ARE idiots. The average person NEEDS to have every single thing explained to them to fully understand what's going on in a movie.