[x]losing weight doing the ipod shuffle.

I'm sorta sick. I think I took too many over-the-counter drugs yesterday, which hopefully will beat this flu to the punch.

Flu + work = suck.

Anyway, in addition to eating MUCH better (making food instead of fast food, drinking water), I have gone back to the gym over this past week. The plan is 3 nights 1 hour cardio, 3 nights 1/2 hour cardio and 1/2 hour with weights. 1 night to rest and cheat the fuck out of my diet :)

So far it has been going really well. I have started working out and eating better and stopped a bunch of times in the past few years... However (hopefully) this time it will be different. I mean, it FEELS different.

I guess for the first time in my life I am worried about my future health. That and (probably as important) I hate how I look. I'm overweight and just kind of feel *blah* all the time.

I promised myself as my one major resolution was to just change all of that. It's been working, finally I am obsessing about something positive. There is just this overwhelming sense of GUILT when I whine that I don't want to go to the gym or make something to eat. It's kind of like a voice in my head telling me that I am going to feel like shit when I show up looking like I do in April for Paul/Rachel's wedding in Las Vegas.

BTW vacation booked and paid for w00t.

Anyway, god help me if I look and feel like this for my upcoming 10 year reunion. (If I decide to go that is) - I'm not sure if I care to. *memo for future entry*

Finally, my FAVORITE xmas gift that I received this year is my IPOD SHUFFLE. It's the smallest one (512mb) and is exactly what I asked for. I wanted something small that I could use at work (as opposed to my bulkly 20gb lyra which is going to be on ebay soon).

I love it. I realized something a few weeks ago when I was listening to it. Ever look at a collection of cds/dvds/mp3s and nothing look interesting? Well I have over 230 dvds now and sometimes I look at my collection and nothing grabs me to watch. It was the same with my lyra... I had my whole music collection and it just became a bother to go through it all.

However, the shuffle takes all the guesswork out of listening to music. You hit play and a song comes on at random (or can be set to play through). I keep mine on random, and if a song comes on that I like, cool, if not, click - something totally different. It's great for work.

AND it's even better for working out. I used to get to the gym and get bored quickly, and would end up cheating myself for time. I've solved that problem. I have about 100 songs on the shuffle, all kinds of music. Another trick I use is to put songs on there which have emotional significance in my life. Keeps my brain going and keeps me from getting bored. Anything that strikes a chord in me, from some person to event... I just zone out and before I know it the hour is up.

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