[x]I fought the law, and the law won.

Whew. Almost overslept this morning for court where I was trying to "Stick it to the man".

Should have known when the ATM I normally go to was out of service :(

Didn't have much of a defense I suppose (speeding) - but I was going to try and get out of the points... I sat through about 5 cases ahead of me in the courtroom and no one gotten out of anything (officer was there). The case before me the guy asked to get out of the points and the judge told him there was nothing he could do about that. Points are apparently handled with the Secretary of State.

I was called up and said that I was guilty but apologetic, and I wasn't disputing what the officer said. If he said I was over, then I was over (It's his job) and that if there was no way to get the points removed then I would just pay it.

So, I paid the ticket ($140) and when I was walking out of court building, the officer was right behind me. I stopped him, extended my hand, and said "Thank you" - he kind of gave me this taken aback look, and shook my hand.

I told him that the ticket capped off the worst day in my life, and that everything had been better since. We chatted about the judge being a hardass for a moment... And that was it.

He probably doesn't have alot of people that say "thank you" for the citations he gives out. I assured him I was being genuine.

He doesn't know, but that day was the day the depression broke. Something snapped in me, something finally gave way... I mean FFS if I was having a panic attack about a speeding ticket (which just comes down to money). I'll make more.

There were other things that happened prior to that day, but it's all really trivial. I'll always make more money.

"The ability to let that which does not matter truly slide." - Fight Club

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  1. Anonymous1:58 AM

    Hey there -
    thats the second time Ive read your blog and posts;
    And let me tell you that I am really impressed - pretty emotional and even though I don't know you (well, I know Paul Barton / moonkhan - and thats how I got on your page ;) ) I really like your postings!
    Keep up the good work,

    "Hey there" from Germany! ;)