[x]Straylight Run concert.

Dammit I lost my original entry...

I took Margarita to the Straylight Run concert tonight at the Majestic Theater in downtown Detroit. We arrived late but still caught two of the opening bands - Honorary Title and Minus the Bear. Both were really good.

Straylight Run was GREAT. I have been into their album for a while now, and they sounded excellent live. One song stood out in particular to me, as the lyrics sounded really familiar:

So, if you are going to press play - "For the Best" by Straylight Run

it takes more time than i've ever had
drains the life from me
makes me want to forget
as young as i was, i felt older back then
more disciplined, stronger and certain
but i was scared to death of eternity
i was saved by grace
but destroyed by naivety
and i lied to myself
and said it was for the best
so now faith is replaced with a logic so cold
i've disregarded what i was
now that i'm older
and i know much more than i did back then
but the more i learn
the more i can't understand

and i've become content with this life that i lead
where i drink to much and don't believe in much of anything
and i lie to myself
and say it's for the best.
we're moving forward, but holding ourselves back
and we're waiting on something that will never come

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