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Right. Well this was going to be one of my *many* somber entries to this journal. One of those should be coming next or later this week.

However, this morning was yet ANOTHER wonderful thing that finally went right...

I made stovetop mac 'n cheese!

Oh, and it's good.

This is a monumental event in my life. Right up there with graduating from high school and losing my virginity.

Now, I cannot cook for the life of me. The first time I attempted mac 'n cheese as a child I swear to god it turned out blue and was not good. The next time I attempted to make mac 'n cheese I was skipping school for the first time in high school (River Rouge) with some hot chick named Merideth who I had NO chance with and we both made it without milk - it was NOT good... and I got caught :(

So, who needs love when you have mac 'n cheese.

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