My poor truck & American Mars.

If you are going to press play "Loneliness is murder" - by American Mars.

My day was going great. I was on my way home from work after getting off fairly early (2pm) when I proceeded to rear-end another car.


I barely did any damage to his vehicle but my poor truck got the fender bent in :( There is more to it than "I hit him" but it's not worth getting into. Anyway I got my truck home and now I have to get it fixed.

Actually worked out for me. When I went to see American Mars that night - I didn't have to drive. Margarita drove and I proceeded to get slightly (or not so slightly) intoxicated.

When American Mars finally took the stage - For about an hour or so I forgot about my accident. Which was nice. Worrying about getting it fixed sucks.

Once again they were great. I took some pictures. (I know they are blurry - maybe I should actually read the instructions for my digital camera).

After the show I talked to Thomas again (Vocals). We had been exchanging emails since seeing them with Joseph Arthur a few weeks ago. He's super cool and really humble, which definately gets me into the music more. I picked up the album "No city fun" at the show and it's great.

Anyways my favorite song of theirs is "Loneliness is murder" which you can download for free (cool). Definately worth checking out (more songs available at the site).

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