My #1 Fan.

Joanna is someone who I talk to from time to time over the internet. She really likes what I write but I didn't she liked it THIS much.

It all started a week or so when she signed my guestbook:

Joanna: would you be upset to know that I tattooed on of your poems on my body?

So I had to email her about it. She responded:

I'm tryin to get a pic, but I don't have a digi cam, and my friend who has one is out of town. argh! but I will get a pic for you. it's your "love is the boy who cried wolf" poem, without the "you put your faith in lies" line (it just didn't fit the flow right), with a way rad heart outline thingy behind it.

at any rate, everyone who sees it either says "whoa, that's deep", or asks if I'm very bitter about love. HA. you rule.


So at this point I was shocked and had to email her again to which she just wrote me:

still trying to get a pic to you. don't worry, i'll try and get it soon.

I've always wanted one of your poems tattooed on me. I told you long ago that I was in love with your words.

so that poem is written in this very cool half-scribble-half-cursive lettering, and the poem is over a two tone red firey heart outline thinger. its on my right calf, about the size of a hand. it is tres cool.

... Wow. That's totally sweet. I will definately post a picture when I get one.

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