[x]Sleepless in Orlando.

In the bloodbath of our youth

She is the one who always puts pressure on my wounds

The one who tries to push me out of my own way

Reminding me of the value in the currency of me


I wish I could have seen how you loved me so

I wish I could have seen what was right in front of me

I wish I would have known what to do with my love for you

But I was as lost then, as I would be without you now


Every time she tries to stop my broken record

Her big heart shows me how empty mine has been

She’ll never give up on me no matter how much ruin I’ve wrought

Even when part of fixing me is leaving me broken


I fear the impact of when your eyes meet mine

I’m afraid I’m going to get crushed under the weight

Of her being my everything

While I’m just one of her things


Even though we’re 2577 miles apart

The distance between us has always been measured in time

I’m here on the east coast Just trying to keep up with you –

just trying to stay alive in your time zone


-         -  Thank you for teaching me how to bare my teeth again

Companion Song:

And I'll ruin it all overI'll ruin it for youI'll ruin it all overAnd over like I always do