[x]The Crown and the Tempest.

(In case of emergency, break heart)


She is the only one that gets to see me without my crown

And how heavy it lies

She knows me without the persona and façade –

Without this armor that holds me together


What was I expecting when I fell in love with a storm?

I am so much better when I am caught in her maw

And so much worse when I’m forced to escape

Begging to be free of her while I’m the one holding the chains


Even when she won’t let me in and I won’t let her out

I’m still desperate for her to not become merely another bullet -  

I’ll break the glass and tear out my heart if that is what I have to do

So used to my own broken heart, but I’ll never be used to hers


All I want is to see you, but all I can manage is to walk in parallel

One step towards you and I’m afraid I’ll fall in again

I am only any good to you from here on the shore for now

Adoring your tempest from a safe distance

The course of true love never did run smooth.  

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