[x]Kevlar Sleeves.

in the dark i was and am invincible
left to my own device and vices
she found me not exactly broken or fixed
but in this perpetual state of functional melancholy

every time she cracks the door light pours in
and it's another muse inviting me out of solitary
i can't help myself when it comes to her beauty
my heart has always been a moth when it comes to a flame

yet i can't leave the house anymore
without wearing a bulletproof vest
so here i am rolling up my sleeves again around you
simply so my heart cannot be seen upon them

she never sees the extra decade in my eyes
even though i fault her for having more sand left in her hourglass
even when the combination of her words can disarm me
Pavlov still dictates that i can only reciprocate her priority

every time i see her it's nothing but sadness in the spite of hope
when she's here I'm crushed in the very timing of it all
and every time she disappears
she leaves me just vulnerable enough to be disappointed

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