[x]Prettier with the wounds.

playing russian roullette
until all of the love is gone
i've dodged all of the bullets
and maybe that's the problem
when i was a good boy
those bad girls ran right over me
when i was a bad boy
i let the good girls walk right on out of my life
now my soul is covered in tire tracks
and i long for the good girls who i let go
because it was never good enough
looking past what was already shiny
to something shinier still
left to my own devices
i keep everyone at an arm's length
never letting anyone get too close
or fully slip away
without distraction
there is only my reflection
and in the mirror i can see that even though i've healed
there's a part of me that almost misses the pain
uncomfortably numb
i felt prettier with the wounds
than i do with the scars

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