[x]the attention she commands.

come back to me, baby, when you're about to break
oh, i understand the attraction
not many people get to my age so unscathed
my soul is not bitter nor shattered
as so many others that have fallen or settled
i watch them every time
as they fall in love
with the complexity, the measured eloquence of every statement
so look in my eyes
and find solace in the rogue again
just make sure that you deserve me
because i'm not settling for anything less
than an epic love
if you're going to be with me
then be ready to take on the world
because i will not be contained
or collected, or possessed, or bought, or sold
as so many of your predecessors have tried to do
they never learned the one lesson
that i have to teach
if you're going to try and love me
then buckle up, sugar
and hold on as tight as you can
don't you dare let go if you're that lucky
for me to actually love you back
because the one thing you need to know about the woman i love
is that she is only as good as the attention she commands

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