[x]it's all part of the... equation.

if i ever make it through this
i will be free
when i can realize
that surrendering and losing
are two different things

we fight our wars
each on our own fronts far away
and thus
turn our back on eachother
all of our plans fail
when we come to the conclusion
such poetry
such beauty
only works in times of peace

they say
that you only hurt the ones you love
when what once was shattered
now somehow whole but jagged
i hurt
i cut
everything i try to hold
with the broken pieces of my soul

i walk on a wire
as we are all trapeze artists
my tunnel vision set
for some semblance of balance
regardless of which side i fall
it all ends in oblivion

left to my own devices
i would sell my soul
for a spark
because i feel like that is all it would take
to set the world on fire
god help me
i am without a purpose
i am without a calling

when i set out to conquer all of this
we were already under rule
now we're both lost in the night
looking up at the same stars for help
my world half empty
and yours half full

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