[x]Home is where the heart is.

I'm here. The drive was not fun but I made it.

approx 1200 miles
approx 18 hours (driven straight through)
I left at 9:30 am and arrived at around 3:30am the next day.
approx 30 miles per gallon (good job damien)

Today I woke up and slept in, woke up and carried my stuff in, then just kind of bummed around for a while until Mike got home. Then we went out to eat at FORT WILDERNESS in Disneyworld.

Even as I was sitting there I was restless, like I couldn't relax. I still find myself looking at my watch or clocks like I am still pressed for time. Being around Jessica made me aware of that nervous tick I have. She always took it the wrong way, like I was seeing how much time I had left before I would leave her.

This wasn't the case. Working at Tag always put me somewhere between a constant state of hurry and exhaustion. A thankless, crapshoot time job like that will do that to you, and I need to shake it.

It hasn't set in yet that this is now where I live... This is my abode but I think my home will always be back in Michigan with my loved ones. I miss all of you.

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