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2007 Year In Review

Relevant - "Exit Music for a Film" by Radiohead (you can hear it here)

Wake.. from your sleep
The drying of your tears
Today we escape, we escape

Pack.. and get dressed
Before your father hears us
Before all hell breaks loose

Breathe, keep breathing
Don't lose your nerve
Breathe, keep breathing
I can't do this alone

*Note* - We took my dad to the hospital last night when he started to have trouble breathing. Turns out he was having congestive heart failure and they are keeping him there, a few days for observation.

Preface - This year was just like any other of recent years, up until the decision was made (on a planned whim) to pack up and move operations to Florida. My friend Mike had called me at just the right moment and here I am - or there I will be. This decision was made a few months ago, and then things started to happen...

January - World of Warcraft expansion (The Burning Crusade) comes out, Miscreant created.

February - S.P.A. Year 7 (last year hopefully), David Bradley is born (Chelz + Brad)

March - blowout! meet Jessica *again*, Beep/Boop, What is the brand of your vagrancy? Blueberry pancakes and setting the stage....

April - Margarita leaves (and partly comes back), I am on fire writing.

May - I think I listen to the new Nine Inch Nails album for a whole month. I am trying to believe.

June - Nothing posted for this month (Need to fill in these gaps for next year)

July - Eagle Vs. Shark is Napoleon Dynamite on crack. I get into World War Z. Tranformers is awesome as Megan Fox is hot.

August - 7 year anniversary for the site. Fantasy football for the first time!

September - I move home from Royal Oak. Song to the Siren cuts me by David Gray.

October - She wants revenge... (and now I do too) - I decide that I am moving to Florida at the end of the year... Detour Launch party. I see some emo kid punched into a glass door and go into shock. Jessica and I start dating again. Space Ghost loves cats.

November - I turn 29 and slowly start getting things start to come together. Seems only when you want to leave, things make you want to stay. Miscreant becomes a PVP monster.

December - Margarita and I are resolved. Tender Lions (fantasy team) make the playoffs and lose in the 2nd round.

How did I do on last year's resolutions?

1. Be healthier PHYSICALLY - Hrm. Kind of cashed in the health chips when I realized I was moving.

2. Wrap up soul searching - I have always been looking for a leap of faith and I think I have finally found it. Florida is where I jump.

3. Be there for my family - Being back in Allen Park really helped. Was nice to be able to hang out with Logan/Ariel/David more.

4. Pay off EVERYTHING - No lottery win this year (maybe next) I did start doing damage though.

5. Let the dead lay - Goodbyes were said this year, and now I get to see who I am without the muse I have had for so long.

6. Be me - I found my stride in my wit this year.

7. Find someone - I love you Jessica, and I hate that I have to leave you here. Stick with the plan.

New Year's Resolutions 2008

1. Make it work - This is a HUGE move for me. I want to be the person that makes it work, in all facets, from now on.

2. Shed some vices/Be healthier - No more candy/pop/fast food. That stuff is garbage and I need to start taking care of myself. Hopefully getting out of the cold will let me skip bronchitis this year. I think the only things I will allow myself to go out and get are Wendy's chili and Jimmy John's.

3. Let myself be happy and loved - I have a great girlfriend who loves me and a family that loves me. I shouldn't take that for granted anymore. I need to let them all in my heart more.

4. Put the dark side to use - I can't seem to shake that cold, dark, ruthless side of me so I might as well do something constructive with it. Hopefully I can leave some of the grey skies here in Michigan.

5. Let the wit win - Find some use for my razor sharp wit.

6. Write more - I need to express myself better this year than last. I have a good digital camera now, and want to have more of a photo/video journal.

Looking forward to next year - Moving, no longer working for TAG, enjoying some sunshine and my new life. Being around my little brother again. Moving FORWARD.

So, here we go 2008.



  1. Johnny Bronto! You need to hole yourself up with some mountain dew and JJ videos and finish this shit:

    1999 (1st Draft)

    The date is December 30th, 1999.

    Intro SONG "HEROIN GIRL" by Everclear #2 Sparkle and fade

    John is on his Christmas vacation.
    John opens his eyes.
    John woke up at 2:00 p.m. He had stayed up until 4:00 a.m. on his computer.
    His stepdad wakes him up. John is 18 years old, short red hair, medium build.

    John: (still asleep) "Hello?"

    Paul is also 18 years old, neat short black hair, medium build,
    is an uptight "someday i will rule the world" computer hacker preppy boy.

    Paul: "What's up dude, what are you doing today?"

    John: "I have no idea, what is today?"

    Paul: "Tuesday, December 30th"

    John: "What time is it?"

    Paul: "Two o'clock"

    John: (Holds the phone away from him, puts his middle finger up towards the phone
    with his other hand)
    (Muttering) "Fuck, one more day"
    "I am probably doing something with Marie"

    Paul: "Why?" (Laughs)

    John: "She's my fucking girlfriend" (Sits up off his couch)
    "What are you doing?"

    Paul: "No idea"

    John: "Well I have to take a shower, I will page you later"

    Paul: "I will be at the comics store"

    John: "Alright, bye"
    (Starts to put the phone down) "Wait!"

    Paul: "What?"

    John: "We still on for tomorrow night, or are you going back out?"

    Paul: "Right, you are full of shit"

    John: "I have been looking forward to tomorrow night for years, man"
    "I am going with or without you, Marie is going"

    Paul: "Whatever" (Hangs up)

    John: (Quietly) "Fucker, you better" (Hangs up the phone)

    John walks across the hall to the bathroom. You see John's face for the first
    time as he looks in the mirror. John turns the shower on.
    Steam fills the room.

    John: (Splashing water on his face) "Guh"

    John takes one last look at himself in the mirror and smiles.
    John gets into the shower.

    John: "One more day"

    Next John gets out of the shower, with a towel around his waist, he walks back
    into his room turns the radio on.

    SONG "HUMMER" by the smashing pumpkins #4 siamese dream

    John picks up an aluminum baseball bat.

    John: "You and me baby" (Kisses the bat)


  2. Anonymous11:14 PM

    The Plan Is Being Put Into Action as I type. and it will be like today is Friday and the next time I see you is Monday. A blink away I am.