[x]ok, breathe.

Alright. I have had a bad day. Actually, up until last weekend... I was having a horrible month. Pretty much the entire month of September (which is my least favorite month) had me sick with some kind of flu.

The worst day was 2 weeks ago when I got pulled over for speeding. That was an extremely shitty day. Today I am going at it with a friend over dumb shit...

Everything has been going wrong. I'm sick of it.


It's time to fix my life. Seriously I have been letting way too much crap back up behind my "outta sight, outta mind" existence. I am in debt. I have a few more LBS. than I want to have. I don't have a girlfriend.

I am lonely and pissed off.

It's too late to salvage this year as far as the debt thing goes with the coming winter. However I swear to god by the end of 2006 I am going to be out of debt. Permanently. I am going to fix my shitty credit. I am going to pay off Eastern, take my last stupid class, and get my stupid excuse for a degree.

I am going to get a girlfriend who isn't psycho. I am going to get my truck fixed. I am going to stop taking shit from everyone.


I am going to have my life pointing FORWARD for the first time, ever. Forward. Not looking back, not treading water. Forward.

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