[x]Bronto Begins

"Katie Holmes is a respectable, wholesome girl... and I'm going to see her boobs." - Harold and Kumar go to white castle.

Speaking of which. Err... OKAY I ADMIT IT... I looked up Katie Holmes's boobs on the internet. Googled and then oogled. Gimme a break I am dude. Ahem.

What I meant to say (in regards to HAKGTWC)was Paula Garces is absolutely gorgeous.

Just give me long dark hair, and dark eyes... and I am all set.

What else...

I've been writing... well sort of. Jotting down alot of ideas here and there, taking voice records on my phone. When I started after getting home from Florida, it was all really dark. There has been a shift in my personality, and I am not sure where it will take me.

I need to post some.

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