Nothing much going on this week as of yet.

Started working out again - ow. Other than that I have cut down on my red-meat intake (replaced with chicken and turkey sammiches)... Have replaced my pop addiction with Gatorade.

I doubt I will ever be satisfied with my body. As with other things... it will never be good enough. I want to lose some weight and gain some form...

Since I have changed my diet, I do in fact feel healthier. I am taking an All-In-One vitamin every morning... and I can feel the difference. I miss fast food... as it is better for the soul... but I just need a change.


Still lonely as ever. Looking forward to going to this concert on Saturday... with Margarita. Who knows.. maybe I will meet my dream girl there... or she will find me. One can only wish.


Speaking of soul. I watched "Big Thinkers" on TechTV the other day, and they had this guy who insisted that the human body is just a machine... with no soul. All creativeness and innovation comes from a random assortment of cells. There is no God, and we are all ants, and blah blah blah.

I couldn't be more opposed. - Our soul is the very thing that makes us human.

Explain to me emotion. Love, hate. Art, music... etc. The fact that I am listening to "Perfect Blue Buildings" - Do my cells just react to this song? Hello?!!?!? Do you really think these things are the result of a chemical? A firing of electrons? Not that I would ever have any scientific evidence... but here is my theory.

Our body is just a physical representation of how our soul manifests itself to the outside world.

I am sure there is science to explain many things... But degrading human society easily into a category... that is just a poor excuse... this is just someone who obviously doesn't think he has anything to offer the world. I do, on the other hand. Just an old man who never made a difference...

We are not machines. - And anyone who tells me what I have been through is based on neurons firing can go fuck themself.


Now that I have gotten that all out. Working on the site again. And, due to popular demand, there will be some changes implemented soon. The site is going to have a more recoginizable theme, one that I know by heart, but have trouble. I want to show the world what "Revolt!" means to me.

The font will be made bigger, and the color should change. Perhaps red, to go along with the soviet theme.

All things change. - Just remember to try and change the world, do not let it change you.

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